About Us

(From left to right. Justin, Jennafer, Lance, Cheryl, Paige, Ethan, Lacey, and Tyler.)

We are the Mayfield Family. Together we have created Ozark Country Cabins LLC. My wife and I are from a tiny mining town in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest, Viburnum, Missouri. I (Lance) am a Farmers Insurance Agency Owner and run a local DMV Office in Viburnum. My wife, Cheryl, is a retired public school teacher and she runs a Kids Hope Program for the community. We also own Just Like Home Laundry, a local laundromat, and Tropical Icebergs, a shaved ice business. We are both very involved in our community, as well as active members of the Viburnum First Baptist Church. My family settled in Missouri just 12 miles south of Viburnum in the early 1800s and Cheryl is originally from Murphysboro, IL.

Our oldest child is Justin Mayfield who is married to Jennafer. Justin is the oldest of our three children and he is a Farmers Insurance Property Adjuster. Jennafer works for the city of Republic, Mo as the Activities Director. Lacey is our second child and she is married to Tyler Willis. Lacey is a high school math teacher in Monett, Missouri, and Tyler is the 7th-12th grade band director in Ash Grove, Missouri. Mickey is their dog, and for now he gets lots of family attention since there are no grandkids yet. Paige is our youngest child and she is married to Ethan Farr. Paige is a junior high English teacher in Monett, Missouri, and Ethan is a coach and PE teacher in Shell Knob, Missouri. As a family, we enjoy spending time together, cooking, eating, golfing, hunting, boating and just enjoying one another. We hope you will enjoy the same simple, family treasures at our Ozark Country Cabin.